Preparing for Another Birthday!!!
Today is yet another eve before a birthday!  And this year, it is a BIG ONE!!!  I am literally almost half a century old!  And I think I am JUST getting started.  We were just talking about how when you lose your mission, you start to die.  Not happening here.  I have so much to ponder, so much to share, so much to hopefully offer as we go forward.  I am thankful that God allowed me to have another eve of a birthday!  Only God knows how long I will be here, and I trust that every day I endeavor to make the biggest difference possible.

I plan to rock 50.  I was not kidding that I feel more alive now than I did ten years ago!  I feel more joyful, more optimistic, more healthy, more purposeful, more directed, more impassioned and aware of the things that are important to me. As I go into this next year, I desire for the Lord to use me ultimately for His purposes, with the mouthpiece He has given. Only He knows how He plans to do that, and He knows I am His instrument, willing (as far as I know, please forgive me for my ignorance or folly) to be used by Him for others to know Him.

I'm excited about this next year and what lies ahead!  I love having a birthday near the beginning of a year, because for me it's just more reflection on the intentions and focuses I will adopt into that year.  

God bless you all today as you fully live into His purposes for you for today!!!

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  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

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