How I Did Carnivore While Traveling and Attending Meeting!!!

Earlier this week our family attended a two-day all day church conference, and I knew I needed to have food on hand to stick to my meaty way of eating! 

We all like tips, right?  Here are my tips for what I packed to be ready, as well as what I ate from the hotel lobby.  For general info, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express.  

What I packed:
- Leftover hamburger patties, 1/3# each
- 2 Ribeyes (12 oz each)
- microwavable bacon 🥓
- Frigo brand beef and cheese sticks
- Epic brand beef, venison, chicken, and salmon jerky
- 8 pats of butter 

What I got from the breakfast buffet:
- butter (pats and pats!)
- pork sausage patties and links
- hard boiled eggs

I can't forget Redmond's Real Salt!

I ended up the two days with a Ribeye and a lot of the jerky, as well as most of the butter.  

In another post, I'll tell you where and what I ate so you can see how this all shook out over the two days.  

Carnivore for $50/week per person!?

If you're like me, you're buying things covering your eyes with one hand, and paying with the other. It's painful right now! And the biggest complaint I hear is that the Carnivore Diet must be SOOOOO expensive!

You know what's weird? It's not!

Six months ago, I was budgeting $1200 per month for a family of 4. Now, all of us are migrating to a proper human diet (thank you, Dr. Berry, for the prompting and the name), and our outlay for food is dropping!


Well, this is not all encompassing, but here's a start. Add your observations in the comments!

- the ready made foods cost a lot but don't fill you up
- meat and eggs satisfy you better and supply nutrition better than processed foods
- fruit and vegetable prices are rising and they go bad quickly

I only eat 4 items and I can predict how much meat to buy based on that. I eat a pound to 1.5# meat total, daily.  

In this video I show you cost saving tips I'm using right now to afford the Carnivore Diet and feel like I'm eating like a queen.  Seriously?  Steak, eggs, and butter all day?  Yes, please, and thank you!

What cost saving tips can you share with others here on getting groceries on the Carnivore Diet?

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Carnivore While I Travel

I did this video at the end of a trip!  I was super frustrated by my blood sugar levels, but I had given in a little too much on the wine and very minute amounts of other snacks.  I was pretty frustrated, and knew that I was the only one able to truly manage my willpower.  I really wanted you to know that to truly make an impact I have to commit each meal to my awesome blood sugar levels for my health and for my family. 

It was a valley, probably not the lowest I've been, but I was processing taking responsibility for my choices. After all, I am an adult. Even so, I don't believe in being too hard on myself or anyone else.  

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Some GRRREAT resources to follow and show you the way to a carnivore Diet!

Some GRRREAT resources to follow and show you the way to a carnivore Diet!

I break the sources for great info on Carnivore into two categories – professionals (doctors), and lifestyle
content creators.

I do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, or recommend anything to anyone – on my channel I share what
works for me. You will have to take responsibility for your own health and consult your doctor if you
have any questions. I am not a doctor, and I do not play one on TV!

DOCTORS, their channels, and relevant books:
Dr. Ken Berry  Lies My Doctor Told Me 
Dr. Richard Bernstein Diabetes Solution 
Dr. Anthony Chaffee  The Plant Free MD Podcast 
Dr. Shawn Baker
Dr. Lisa Wiedeman The Carnivore Doc 


I follow so many more people, but I make sure I catch as many of the videos the above creators have done, as possible!



My postal worker just paid me the biggest compliment ever!

Postal Worker: Hey beautiful!
Me: (oh, she’s talking to me!) Hey there!
PW: You have lost a lot of weight! Are you OK?
Me: (why do we think people aren’t OK when they’ve lost weight?) Thanks!

PW: I hadn’t seen you in a while! I used to see you walking all the time and here you are! You look
Me: Thanks! I am eating a lot of protein – I put myself on an extreme elimination diet and I actually
haven’t felt better in a long time!
PW: Well, you look great! I’m glad you feel great too!

Gosh, I am just on cloud 9, still! What a compliment! I know I feel great, and I know I’m more muscular
now than before! I got kinda squishy before. Remember – I think I was the poster child for “skinny fat”
but I also know I got up to pregnancy weight when I wasn’t pregnant! I definitely had a lot of
inflammation that I feel so good having let go of.

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