All the other companies say they are "just as good..."
Everyone is using essential oils these days, and everyone is natch saying theirs are the BEST. But which oils are REALLY the best?

Other companies make claims that aren’t sustainable and they outsource everything. They look bigger than they are because their marketing is strong (and it keeps their costs low). But they are not big. Revive is made up of roughly 10 people who only market on social media.

And now, here’s why they will never hold a candle to YL...

// FACTS //
1. When you’re the world leader, the OG, the one and only, the creme de la creme... everyone else will attempt to ride your coattails.
2. We live in a world of cheap knock-offs.
3. Essential oils aren’t regulated. So any sort of quality claims (pure, therapeutic, organic) mean ZERO without calling / researching the company.
4. Despite #3 ^ Labeling can be a good indicator - so if it says do not ingest, do not apply to skin, and/or has a list of ingredients that aren’t plant species names: FOLLOW THE LABEL and THROW THAT OIL IN THE TRASH. 🗑

// MYTHS //
1. “Their oils are just as good” // Good for what? Tearing up the planet with unsustainable farming practices? Exploiting the natural treasures of communities around the world? For exposing the body to pesticides and petrochemicals? For bringing synthetic fragrance into your home? Yep... that’s what they are good for... please don’t be fooled by placebo and side by side marketing. Sooooo lame.

2. “YL oils are too expensive” // Y’all. This is so insane to me. We have oils that are $5. We have oils that are $200. Our oils are priced based on what it takes to cultivate and extract the precious chemical constituents, to work with local communities and pay them good wages, and to keep the planet healthy and thriving.

➡️ Did you know that it costs $12,000 to HAND WEED an acre of lavender versus $60 to treat it with pesticides? We get what we pay for ❤️
➡️ Did you know that there is 2x the demand for lavender oil in the world than supply of actual lavender plant. That means *at least half* of all lavender on this planet was NEVER EVEN A PLANT. Completely SYNTHETIC, made in a lab, sold as all natural and pure and yada yada yada. 🙄
➡️ Did you know that it takes Cypress 24 hours in the distiller to release its 280 chemical constituents? If you distill for 20 hours, you get 20 constituents. 26 hours? Zero constituents. And guess what? Most Cypress oil on the market is distilled for 3.5 hours. 😲
➡️ With these cheap knock-offs sold on everywhere, people are getting so much less than thy actually pay for... and oils that have zero healing or therapeutic properties are truly the best way to WASTE YOUR MONEY. Flush it down the freaking toilet. How’s that for expensive?

3. “The oils are more expensive because this is an MLM..” // Yikes. This one is a lot to unpack.. but let’s try, shall we?
➡️ In an MLM like Young Living, people are compensated for word of mouth advertising. They receive percentages of orders as they are kind of like wholesalers bringing goods to the public.
➡️ Non-MLM companies pay out a massive advertising and marketing budget to a company who will execute, and to networks/internet platforms/etc who charge HUGE premiums to put the info out there in canned and inauthentic ways.
➡️ This money is paid to corporations instead of the families of their product users.
➡️ The pot of money is just about the same, however it’s used differently. With this company, you are supporting the families you KNOW who are working to provide education, support and customer service to pay their mortgage, pay off debt, buy healthy food for their kids, help a family in need...instead of the padding the thickly-lined pockets of some faceless advertising agency, or the CEO of Amazon/Whole Foods, Facebook, etc. Your choice.
➡️ Other companies are ONLY about their bottom line... not the quality, not the standards, not the longevity and sustainability. So what are you actually buying? And what are you actually supporting with your hard-earned money? Yikes.

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️Raise your hand 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ if you know that there is ZERO comparison between their vats of fragrance (see the pic) and our 100% plant juice.

🙅‍♀️When you see these ads, report them as “misleading / offensive content” (yes. I do that... it is extremely offensive to me.) Show Facebook and these copycats that you’re just not into them... and help them go away.

🤷‍♀️ If you’re still having doubts... Call the other company yourself . If you’re considering other oils (you can peace yourself out of this group...) and then call them up and ask them where the oils come from.
Where were they grown?
Are they treated with pesticides?
Do they contain any solvents?
How were the oils extracted from the plants?
Are they synthetically made?
Do they use fertilizers?
Does the grower harvest at the optimal time?
Do they contain any actual plants?
Can I ingest them?
See what they say.” 


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