WHY YL? Essential Oils WERE the standard before 100 years ago!
Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. Mentioned in the bible some 200 times and in ancient medical texts; today they are fast becoming much more than the aromatherapy of the 1970's. Science is continually discovering the multifaceted aspects of true 100% therapeutic, medical, clinically potent and pure essential oils.

Essential oils have helped my family be their healthy best. Enhancing the quality of our lives, guarding us against the germs and critters from schools, neighbors and in the office; we are sick less and less every year, and when we do catch something, it’s easily sent packing when we use our oils.

I have trusted Young Living essential oils, supplements and personal care items and not been disappointed. We've balanced upset digestive system issues, resolved aches and discomforts (both minor and major), we've enhanced our immune system, restored our bodies and used them for quicker recovering after surgery. We no longer rely on medications and rarely see a doctor.

While I don't know what they will do for you, I am certain that you will enjoy the many benefits from smelling and diffusing, to wearing and applying them topically and in some instances taking a drop or two orally. My kids play outside during allergy season with no more lung issues, my parents don't have achy joints or muscles and their doctor no longer prescribe medicines for past health problems. We use the oils on a daily basis in one way or another to purify and cleanse the air in our homes. We even diffuse to help everyone to relax after a busy or stressful day so we all enjoy a great nights sleep. The kids are doing better in school, more focused and alert. We have been able to replace the chemical home products for natural cleaning and personal use products that are toxin free, effective, and are safe to be around young children. This also makes cleaning house pleasant again.

We have learned how to handle minor first aid issues using the oils with great results, boo boos, cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites, all are quickly handled with the oils. Of course for anything really serious we would go the the local emergency room.

Because essential oil are becoming more and more popular, many companies are selling essential oils from brokers and manufacturers without knowing where the oil really came from, how it was gown, distilled or tested. Inferior, adulterated oils can be harmful to ones health and not give you the amazing results they are intended to give. I have come to rely on the Young Living brand for my family. Young Living, with their many farms around the world, has the unique Seed to Seal standard process, unsurpassed in the industry, to insure every essential oil is as true to how God created nature to produce it. Pure, potent, safe and effective, without the YL Seed to Seal promise, you don't really know what you are getting.

This book here, the Essential Oil Desk Reference guide has nearly everything you need to know about using the YL products. It even includes many scientific studies on essential oils and various health concerns. There is even a section in the back that lists many health imbalances and how others have used the oils to over come them. If you would like to look through to see what might help you get back into great health, feel free.

Young Living allows its members to purchase at wholesale pricing on over 450 products, which is an additional benefit. Opting for the Young Living lifestyle saves you time and money, and who wants to be sick and tired anyway. Safe for the whole family including your pets, why not give them a try?


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