My postal worker just paid me the biggest compliment ever!

Postal Worker: Hey beautiful!
Me: (oh, she’s talking to me!) Hey there!
PW: You have lost a lot of weight! Are you OK?
Me: (why do we think people aren’t OK when they’ve lost weight?) Thanks!

PW: I hadn’t seen you in a while! I used to see you walking all the time and here you are! You look
Me: Thanks! I am eating a lot of protein – I put myself on an extreme elimination diet and I actually
haven’t felt better in a long time!
PW: Well, you look great! I’m glad you feel great too!

Gosh, I am just on cloud 9, still! What a compliment! I know I feel great, and I know I’m more muscular
now than before! I got kinda squishy before. Remember – I think I was the poster child for “skinny fat”
but I also know I got up to pregnancy weight when I wasn’t pregnant! I definitely had a lot of
inflammation that I feel so good having let go of.


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