WHY YL - The Community Can't Be Beat!
This post is coming at you from an extreme introvert who tends to keep a small-REALLY small-safe circle of true friends. . . .
I came to Young Living simply seeking to add to my arsenal of safe, effective products for my family.  Not only was "community" not on my radar in connection with YL; I had no idea #YLfamily was a thing.
Over the years, through sharing Young Living, community has perhaps become the thing I value most about this journey.  Whether fellowshipping with friends at an in-person event or interacting with you here in the group or elsewhere online, the support, encouragement, camaraderie, grace, and friendship I experience on a daily basis because of our YL family is a gift for which I will be forever grateful.  I have SO many friends I would never have met had The Lord not led me to Young Living.
Perhaps you have experienced the same?  I would love to hear your stories below.
Let's celebrate our YL Community!


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