How do I use my Young Living products in everyday life?
"But Heidi, how do you use Young Living products, not just our oils, on a daily basis?"

After brushing my teeth with Aromabright toothpaste and using the Thieves mouthwash and floss, I start applying oils. The first oil I apply to my wrists every morning is Abundance, followed by White Angelica to my head and shoulders and Valor to the back of the neck. I look at my cabinet of oils to see what else I will wear or smell and use them - Motivation, Into the Future, ImmuPower. During my devotional time I like smelling Sacred Mountain.

Face washed with Orange Blossom, toned with the YL toner and BLOOM is my moisturizer.  Then I LOVe the CBD Beauty Boost! Lavender or Sensation are my body lotions. CitraGuard deodorant and in the summer a spritz of Lavaderm Mist over the face.

In the kitchen I often add lemon, frankincense, Ocotea and JuvaCleanse if it is a swimming day, to water, in a capsule or Ningxia Red.  I also add the Inner Beauty Collagen and Cinnamon Bark Vitality essential oil to coffee.

Hands are always washed with Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, counter tops sprayed with THC and if laundry day, a half capful of Thieves Laundry Soap to the laundry.  I then add a few drops each of Purification and Citrus Fresh essential oils to organic wool dryer balls and breathe better in many ways not having the dryer sheets in my house any more.

I start with supplements, Longevity, Inner Defense, BLM, Essentialzymes and Master Formula at lunch.
Back to the office and a quick smell of Stress Away, Inspiration and Motivation..

Raven and Peppermint before exercise and after exercise it's either a Balance Complete, PowerMeal, etc protein shake or maybe a Wolfberry snack bar. Shower using Morning Start, the Copaiba hair products, more body lotion and redo the facial moisturizer. I have my own muscle blend for knees, shoulders, etc (depending on the workout) and apply this blend topically and top with a few drops Ortho Sport.

Dinner includes lots of supplements - Sulfurzyme, Life 5, OmegaGize, Comfortone, BLM, Super Cal, Master Hers and whatever else I think is needed.

All in all I probably use 50 different Young Living products for a total "YL day" to be energized, alert, focused, maintain the best health possible, have lush, shiny hair, soft radiant skin and the cleanest, yes eat off the floor clean, home.

Maybe you use 6-15 Young Living products per day!  That's GREAT!  

What does YOUR YL day look like? Hint - what you do in a day can easily be turned into a presentation. Just include why you choose YL, it wasn't because it fixed your issues, you joined for the hope and possibilities. That's what we need to share.


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