DIY Mineral Sunscreen for GREAT Skin!
💥Game Changer 💥

Take an entire tube of natural and safe mineral sunscreen and mix with 1/2 bottle of Claraderm. Easy to use, easy to spread on the skin, and nourishing.👌🏻You can get the spray bottle on amazon (

Personally I don’t mind rubbing it on straight from the tube when I plan to be out in many hours of sunshine. It rubs in nicely w/o leaving a white zinc look. But if you are applying it to multiple wiggly kiddos that are itching to go PLAY - this can DEFINITELY be a game changer!!!

And just in case you’ve never heard of our amazing Claraderm... it’s in your Virtual Office! It’s a coconut oil based spray FULL of the most amazing nourishing skin oils. (I do Facial Rejuvenation and it is part of the protocol I use in my private practice, too!) It is often known for perineum healing support after vaginal births but ALL of our skin is just as precious as our lady bit skin. 😉


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