Early Sunday morning, the Lord awoke me as He often does, and called me to prayer time.  I had a specific time to stop being on my face, 6:45am.  I started about 6.  It was a challenge, I'm not going to beat around the bush.  Discipline is something I'm working on, and I constantly feel like as a "rebel" personality I have much work to do to focus on doing "hard things." 

In that prayer time, God revealed the HUGE container ship stuck in the Suez Canal (update, I am hearing that it was unstuck this morning, and am looking for confirmation), and showed the lid coming off the top of the container ship.  When the lid came off, the lids of the containers came off with it, and in my dream I saw people inside, most of them naked or with very little clothing on.  

I then heard God say "watch First Fruits - it will be big."  I honestly didn't know WHEN First Fruits was - I knew it is a Jewish holiday, and have since found out that contrary to my initial disappointment because for all I knew it could be in a month or two, I did find it is TODAY.  It's always during Passover, and HERE's a good explanation.

Rather than go into too much detail on WHAT is happening now, I want to encourage you to research the following:
  • the Ever Given in the Suez Canal - ask what/where/when/why/how/who
  • the oil refinery explosions in Indonesia
  • the ships lining the EU coastline
  • the Silver Market futures contract maturation date happening today
  • What's (or what was) under the Ever Given
  • How many ships are clogging the waterways around the EU and Africa
  • Where are the companies who sponsor these ships
  • What are the ships carrying
  • How does this impact
    • World Commerce
    • Spiritual Matters
    • Maritime and Military Concerns
  • What is First Fruits and what does it commemorate:
    • For Israelites
    • For Christians
    • WHO is the True First Fruit, and of what???
There are SO many different things you could research, and rather than TELL you what is going on, since I am asking the above questions myself, I ask and encourage you to take time to dig into these questions.

Today is First Fruits. "Watch First Fruits - it will be HUGE."


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