Easy hand sanitizer recipe!
I've been looking for someone to post this recipe today!  Glad to share this with you!!!  

I usually buy my Thieves Hand Sanitizer, and haven't made this recipe.  Let's crowd source!  If you've made it, I hope you'll jump in and answer questions!

"Oh boy, someone just said Wal-Mart is out of Hand Sanitizer !!😱😱  Well, actually, I stopped using commerical sanitizer years ago !! They contain synthetic fragrances and parabens to extend the shelf life of the product.  Ugh, no thanks !! 🤮

Here is a cool super easy DIY, just in case you need it !!

1 Tablespoon of Witch Hazel
2 oz 100% aloe vera gel
4 drops Essential Oil of choice (we like Thieves and Peppermint)
Pour aloe vera gel into a small pump or squeeze bottle, leaving a little bit of room at the top.
Add drops of essential oil
Secure lid and shake to combine.

💪👊BAM !!!  Done.  If you are a DIYer you will love this.  If your NOT a DIYER (ahem like me), shoot me a PM and I can show you what I buy (yep, just a click no mixing) non toxic plant based. 

Does this look like something you might try?"

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  1. Feliza Martinez  04/28/2020 05:45 AM Central
    Thanks for the hand s recipe

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