How and Why I Started the Carnivore Diet
Everyone I know seems to have a "way they eat." There are as many reasons for their choices as there are individuals!

I grew up running long distances with my family.  As I advanced in school, I joined the track and then the cross country teams.  Friday nights before big races on Saturdays were full of "carbo-loading" to make sure we had enough energy for our races the next morning.  

Fast forward to my 30s when I inexplicably injured myself, and I started having trouble exercising.  It was then that I noticed weight gain and that it got harder to motivate myself to exercise.  

I developed gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my son, but not until very late in my pregnancy.  I do remember being exhausted during that pregnancy, but I didn't help myself by indulging in my pregnancy cravings, mostly for potatoes, bread, pizza, and French fries.  

He was born in 2009, and I was fine until 2012.  I even started exercising again and losing weight!  I lost LOTS of weight in 2012 but though friends suggested I could be losing weight because I might have diabetes, I invited l ignored them.  "I was hypoglycemic growing up!  I'm sure I don't have diabetes," I often thought. 


I ended up in the hospital in an emergency, with a blood sugar over 600 mg/dl.  That's the level at which you could be in a coma or die.  

That began my quest for the best way for me to eat.  I happen to think many would benefit from this way of life.  
I started eating Paleo.  While I ate that way, I did ok if I didn't have carbs.  Go figure.  But everybody I followed would make these amazing date and sweet potato meals and those caused me trouble.  Squash even caused me trouble!  I ditched it after a couple of years. 

I then had a friend suggest a form of the vegan diet.  I won't give too many details because I think that would too easily identify this way of eating, and there's a trademark involved.  Suffice it to say that it didn't work for me. I started becoming constantly lethargic, lost muscle tone, lost stamina, had trouble remembering things.  

In January 2021, I got a nudge from the Lord to start the ketogenic diet.  For info on that, start here
  or here.

I did lose 25 pounds, but I learned that I had massive food cravings I had lots of trouble controlling. Also, my HbA1C was 6.8, which was way higher than I expected.  A year later, in January 2022, I had seen some videos about the carnivore diet, but at the time I thought that was crazy.  However, I was so devastated by my blood sugar levels and struggle I had craving foods that negatively affected my blood sugar.  

I tried the Egg Fast ( Click here ) and I felt SO good and had SUCH good blood sugar that I didn’t want to stop after the normal 3-5 days!  So I just kept going.  I did move to what’s called BBBE ,
and the rest is history. Because I wanted to focus on how I landed on the Carnivore Diet, I’m wrapping this post up here.  Be sure to follow my blog, where I’ll talk about my healing journey using food, and share life hacks and faith and outlook tips.  Thanks for tuning in!  Be sure to sign up here and follow my YouTube channel.

Have you tried the Carnivore Diet?  Comment below!  


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