Have you ever wondered, "why am I here?" I know I have!!!! I have struggled for a long time 
to know specifically what I'm about.

It's really easy to say, "I want to be a good wife, a good mom, and a good friend."  But that's something all of us want to do!  And if God created each of us uniquely, then I must have a more unique purpose.  It can't be so generic that everyone has the same unique passion!  That's not unique, and quite frankly, that "mission" made me yawn.  Of COURSE I want to be a good wife!!!  

Two years ago I had a funny conversation with my friend, Erin Rodgers.  I had just gotten Dream Catcher for the first time (really, how does that happen), and used it with Clarity as I slept.  (That's a GREAT time for emotional release!!!!)
NOOOOOWWWWW, what was interesting was that THAT night I had a dream about HER and HER dream!!!  
I messaged her that next morning, and explained the craziness that was the dream that I had.  Now, it was a clear, and VERY normal dream, but it was not MY dream.  She did what a fantastic leader does, and asked me what my dream was.  
I responded with an open-mouthed, "uhhhhhh.....um, well, I'm nooooootttt really sure..."

Her response prompted me on a quest to figure it out. I proceeded to apply Clarity and Dream Catcher together, both on me, and in my diffuser.  I have been doing that for months and months and months, and engaging in prayer, relinquishing my desires to the best of my ability, and trusting God in the process of revealing it to me.  

That was, as I said, two years ago!!!  She had also told me at the time that someone on her team at my level ought to know what his or her dream is!  She admonished me to figure it out quickly so I could move forward.  I did the best I could!  I definitely applied myself to the process, without trying to force it.  And it took me two years.  But I'm grateful that this morning I could articulate what wakes me up in the morning, besides love for God, my husband, and my kids.  

I am resting in my jam right now.  I don't know how long this will be my vision, before that changes to something else.  
Right now, it does inspire me, It does get me going.  It does fire me up.  It does ignite my passion. It does resonate with me.  It even ties to things that got me fired up as a little girl.  That's the other part that tells me I'm totally on to something.

How in the world was I able to come to that?  What exactly took two years?  That will definitely take some more blog posts to explain.  I will walk through that process with you, to show you my road map that helped me get to the point where I could hone in on what really ignites my passion and stirs my feelings.  

As we work on those posts, what have YOU found has been helpful for you in identifying your purpose, to knowing what motivates you, and what will keep you going when things get challenging?  


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