... And our PCS adventure continues...
For those who don't know, we moved from Germany to head to Fort Eustis, VA, in December.  This January, we are starting life in Virginia!

We've had a fabulous time in Pennsylvania with my in-laws and the extended family.  In fact, I'm so grateful for having a business that has people all over the US!  That means I've gotten to interact with members on my team during Christmas break.  Today we had lunch with our friends, Chris and Michelle Krudup, and last week I had lunch with another friend, Gail Williams. 

During our vacation, however, we discovered that we were not going to be able to close on our new house Tuesday, as planned.  

We've been through enough interesting situations in life that I feel I need to be ready in season and out of season to live a flexible life.  Being a military spouse is sometimes like being a cat.  No matter how we fall, we manage to land on our feet.  We've been in some interesting situations, and had some weird things happen.  We've had to figure things out.  

So, Thursday night, the 2nd, we discovered that we can not possibly close on Tuesday the 7th, as we had anticipated.  

My realtor informed me that an ALTA sheet needed to be procured by COB (close of business) Thursday.  Because it wasn't, we will not close Tuesday.  Well, having keys for our house would help us get our stuff quicker!

So we called the realtor, and within minutes, we determined we were in a position to come up with an alternative plan.  Turns out there are a lot of things that didn't happen.  

The great news is that we might get to negotiate a lower price on our house, and we should get a lower interest rate.  So good comes from confusing or stinky!  And if we don't get a lower house price, we'll have substantiated our house price.  

Good comes from bad!  I've had a lot of people comment they would not be as calm as I was.  But when you have seen God take care of you over and over again, and you land on your feet again and again, then you know that you will be ok.  You have to surrender your plans, your timeline, your circumstances.  But you have to do so when things seem to fall apart.  

The other thing is that you can't change your circumstances anyway, so getting upset about them wastes energy, and doesn't do a thing about affecting your life.

Jesus said it this way.  "Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, for your Heavenly Father knows that you need them.  Can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?" (Matthew 6:25-27)

One huge challenge you can make today to save your emotional well being is look in a situation that goes awry for a way forward that unlocks your bondage from the dead end.  Yes, that is really hard to do!!!! But there is freedom and even victory in determining how to move forward within limitation.  

What situation are you facing today in which you need to see another way through or around it?  What can you do to keep moving forward?  What might you need to do to see this situation differently, if another solution is not readily obvious?


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