I’ve also seen it said that pain is a revelation of an underlying problem.  I FEEL (aka “have flooding toward me”) so much pain when I read Facebook lately!  How about you, do you know what I mean?  I have to confess that for a while, I didn't even want to engage on FB, because to do so meant interacting with others' pain!  And since it's hard to solve it, I just...well, I had to walk away for a while.  Not sure if that's the "right" answer, but it's where I was at the time.

So, how many of you experience emotional pain as well as physical pain?  When you experience emotional pain, did you know there's likely a physical place in your body where that pain is manifesting itself too?

Think about it.  Breathe deeply in.  I know it hurts, but stay with me.  

Where is your pain originating, as an exact location in your body?  Share it below!

Can you identify a partner emotion?  If so, include that in the comments as well!  I'll unpack this more tomorrow.  Be sure to click THIS LINK so you don't miss a single blog post!  


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