"Pray For Me, as I Am An Ambassador In Chains"
Every morning during my time with the Lord, starting about March this year, I listen to Ephesians 6:10-20.  Since it’s a recording, I just let it go to the end of chapter 6, which is the end of St. Paul’s epistle, or letter, to the Ephesians.  
St. Paul talks about how he is an ambassador in chains, but that doesn’t stop him from boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his time.
The Roman Empire at that time has given me guideposts into our current unrest.  Fires, looting, rioting, name-calling, spurious attack, slander, if you look, you’ll get the feeling from all through the New Testament they also dealt with the civil unrest we’re experiencing today.
One thing is different, though.  St. Paul mentioned he was an “ambassador in chains,” and yet somehow was able to find himself “boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.”  I don’t know about you, but I’m not in chains... yet.  Yes, our churches are closed, for many of us, and many of us still can’t freely get out, but we’re not locked up, are we? Some of us, like me, might feel that we are, but in reality, we don’t have physical chains binding us.  Wait, we do!  I just remembered the lady in Ohio who was handcuffed at a football game for not wearing a mask.  Maybe it’s not too far off... But we have a chance to influence that, come November...
Anyway, St. Paul WAS bold enough to proclaim the Gospel in an era that was anti-whatever this “Way” was that the early church (which is still present today, mind you, but not the entity you might think it is) kept propagating through their love for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and passion for people according to how He challenged them.  
St. Paul, as an “ambassador in chains,” was primarily responsible for teaching the church what the Lord’s mission was as the church spread like wildfire.  In a time of intense persecution, the church exponentially grew.  Let that sink in!
What will YOU do today to be an “ambassador in chains,” if you FEEL like I do, to propagate the Gospel?  Here’s food for thought, in a time of intense division, how can you be sure what you say is actually heard?  Wow, that might be a talk for another time.
What CAN you do to “boldly proclaim the Gospel of peace” today???
Man, we NEED it.

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