I often get asked for help choosing Homeschool curriculum.  I think choosing curriculum is like choosing shoes.  It's highly individualistic, and what one person chooses, another may not ever select in a million years.  I'll talk in other posts about my homeschool philosophy, how it's grown and changed over the years, and why I believe what I do.

This year we're homeschooling a 5th grader and a 7.5 grader.  I'll go into what that means in another series of posts, too.

We are in the midst of moving, so I need simple.  I'm finding any kind of structure or expectation is really stressing me out, which is a sure sign it's too much.

We always focus on the 3 R's every day.  Then, on top of that, we also do something from the Bible every day.  In addition, we choose one extra subject.  When we arrive in our new location, we will have at our fingertips volumes 1-2 of the KONOS curriculum.  KONOS is a tried and true, decades-utilized unit study curriculum based on character and character development.  We will add one of those activities a day.

So, that looks like this, typically:
- Math - Khan Academy
- Reading - Family Read-Aloud from Great Books list
- Writing - Bible copywork from KONOS, 10-minute journalling exercise
- Bible - Orthodox Christian daily reading from liturgical calendar
- Extra Activity from KONOS - history, science, language arts, or art
- Chores

This year we are reading Pilgrim's Progress, and Les Miserables.  If we finish those, we'll read The Incredible Journey.


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