Today is the day they pack our stuff out, and I think we're ready!!!! 💪

I got this question in yesterday's update. Yes, it's customary for things to be shipped a long time before it shows up on the other end.  When we moved to Germany, they packed our things out on December 1, and we saw them February 6.  

They allow up to 1000 pounds to be air-freighted to your next assignment so you will be "ready" to set up your house with the necessities upon arrival.  When we move to Virginia, we'll actually close on a house the next day (thank you, Kim Kerr Wood). 

So, during this whole exercise, we'll peel off some of our things to get flown in advance of us, and be down to suitcases.  That will happen... _____(?)

We sold my car yesterday, and tomorrow we detail Kevin's truck to be shipped on Wednesday.  You have to run the gas down to almost nothing, etc.  I don't remember exactly when we saw Kevin's truck again here, but I believe it was also about two months?  

The house is "ready." I just have to clean that dang waffle iron and the compost bin, and get everyone changed.  Kids will fold the last of the clothes, and we'll shut the laundry room door.  Supposedly they come in 45 minutes, and no one else is awake. 😂 I'll shower later, but I have a ponytail holder mark and I just flat don't care.  😂 

I'll really be surprised if this lasts more than a day!  Thanks in advance, too, to Casey Ray and Kristin Voudouris, who are coming this morning to be a presence through this whole process!  I am optimistic it will go GREAT, we'll have packers who are full of integrity, and who will work speedily.  


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