What Eating is  like since starting the Carnivore diet!

I didn’t really “start” the Carnivore Diet, per se. What’s really interesting about “ways of eating” is that
transitioning from one to another can be fluid, as it should be. I do not believe we should be so rigid as
to say “I eat like this, or tomorrow I’m starting that.” Just eat! I caught one video of a Carnivore
criticizing another Carnivore because of what they ate. If it works for them, let them be!

Anyway, I said before that what transitioned me to the Carnivore way of eating was education and trial.
The first video I watched on the subject was a video by Dr. Ken Berry .

He also did a video about the BBBE diet with a very alluring name 

 I had stalled out on weight and inflammation levels, probably because I had trouble not eating nuts. So I
started with the Egg Fast  and then did it over without much of a break. 

 I felt SO good I kept going! I did another egg fast right after my first egg fast, then never
really stopped. Since the Carnivore way of eating is essentially an extreme elimination diet, I just kept
expanding my menu until I discovered what triggered inflammation. I first added beef and bacon, after
eating eggs and butter, and then expanded to chicken and pork.

I found that as I started allowing myself meat, eggs, butter, and cheese, I could not get enough meat
and eggs for a while. I wondered for a while if I would ever calm down my eating, or get over this
massive hunger I was experiencing!

 After watching Kelly Hogan, I felt better knowing she was also just consuming massive amounts of meat until her hunger settled down. And sure enough, I went through spurts of insane hunger or pangs to eat, within the first two months of eating strictly carnivore. However, that has calmed down and I
can predict how much meat I will eat, and prepare to eat at roughly the same time every day. Right
now, I am actually hungry, though, so upon finishing this post I’ll go eat the ground beef I have prepared

I would also say do not limit yourself to how much meat you eat! It will be more than you have eaten
before because when it’s all you eat, you WILL eat more. In subsequent posts, I’ll talk about quantities
and grocery lists. It’s SO much simpler in planning than any other food plan you’ve ever followed! It’s
so easy on life! So let yourself enjoy that.

You might now be wondering how healthy this is. Will you get your nutrients? What about Vitamin C?
How about electrolytes? In the next blog post, I’ll point you to several doctors you can follow who all
discuss all these issues. I will not do so in detail, since they as licensed professionals do so very well.
You can consult these doctors to get informed so that you can make sound decisions for yourself!


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