What's Going On Right Now?
If you're looking around and seeing things, you're probably wondering which apocalyptic movie you're watching.  Not far off! The heavens are starting to utter forth God's handiwork!  Creation seems to be groaning, right?  Wars and rumors of wars, countries seem to be coming apart...and even the greatest nation in the world seems to be at the brink of destruction.  

Or is it?

In Isaiah 60, we see at the end of a terrifying and aggravating recounting of Israel's country's life, a dramatic rebirth, the likes of which our world has never seen.  In other extrabiblical literature, Hebrew scholars teach us that the ancient view of time was cyclical as much as it is linear.  Did that change?  I don't know.  But we see the promise of victory, of rebirth, of promise and community.  

Is the promise of Israel spiritual, or temporal?  Is our promise only in our hearts, or also in our material selves?  Are we supposed to see victory in this world, or be forced to wait till the next?

There are several Biblical scholars who say we are in the midst of the Tribulation now, and that the Kingdom of Christ is upon us!  I know time will tell, but for more info, we must look to the sun, moon, and stars, for signs, seasons, days, and years (Genesis 1:14)!  

I'm not in a position to write a spiritual or Biblical treatise on the matter, but I have seen enough that I wonder.  What do you think?  Comment below, and include links where possible.  


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