How pain can help us...
In our culture, we often think of pain in terms of symptoms.  The pain can be so excruciating we look to manage or lessen the symptoms.  However, it is critical to assess where these symptoms come from, and look to address that root cause, to truly have a chance to heal from the pain.  This goes for physical pain, as well as emotional pain.  Not completely addressing the root cause leaves that wound susceptible to inflict more pain.

I'm not a physician, so I will be using physical symptoms and allegories to point back to emotional pain.  I'm not even addressing the link between emotional pain and physical pain, and I feel that would be a good series for a later time.  I'm using physical pain to help address deep emotional roots to heal and live the best life.

Many psychologists and holistic practitioners, as well as allopathic practitioners, have tied emotional and physical well-being together.  Often physical symptoms can help us notice what is really going on.

Why address emotional wellness, besides the obvious desire to alleviate negative symptoms?  Living our best selves means being able to contribute to and obtain from our life experience.  Succumbing to pain can be seen as reliving emotional scars over and over again.  The unseen byproduct is that we focus more time, energy and attention to our pain that we are not living our best life.  I hope that makes sense!  

What do we do, then?  We might be feeling this pain physically.  Address that pain, for sure!  I definitely find much benefit in solving my physical issues with the essential oils I LOVE to use.  They help us all the time!  Click the link to get your own, if you don't have them yet.  NOW, the other thing to do is to see where the pain originates from, and address that.  Where in your body do you experience the pain or discomfort?  What does that pain or discomfort feel like?  Believe it or not, many times that pain or discomfort will help you be able to address emotions you may not know are bothering you.  Once again, use those essential oils to solve the emotional root.  

Remember, pain can help us identify the root cause.  When that root cause manifests itself in pain and you've addressed the pain and you still feel it, it's important to look at what could be the emotional root.

I'm leaving out a bunch of steps.  I will fill those in during the next few posts.  Do not fear!  If you're not sure what to do if you are addressing your physical issues and still feeling it, come back and get the next steps.  I am addressing it!

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