Finding Your Voice - And Using It Again!!!
If you're like me, 2020 has definitely presented that kind of vision, both on external, and on internal, things.  It's been a tough year, right?  We've also seen much in ourselves, both that is resilient, and that which is needing to be changed!  

Ok, so this is the second time I've had to write this particular blog post, and I really want to get it out.  I'm praying the words come back!  In that other blog post, I mentioned that the best words for things often come at 3am or in the shower, or on a run.  Never when it's convenient to take notes!  This morning I had a COMPLETE blog post in the shower!  I left, and it went, POOF! I'm trusting it comes back to me for you.

Been a hard year, huh?  People have messaged me, telling me they're fried, frustrated, stressed, worried, anxious, angry, blocked, unsure.  Yes!  It's been a SUPER hard year.  I have also had many people tell me how they've rocked this year, how they've gotten clearer on their vision, they've started a new hobby or skill, worked on their relationships with their family (even despite schooling option changes), gotten into a better exercise routine, and gotten a new job or taken their small business to the next level.

This year, we've had a stark opportunity to rethink EVERYTHING, from how we think, to how we live, to how we interact, to what pushes us or our buttons, to how to spend time in a dramatically different world, to what we value most and what we're willing to do to ensure a confident, joyful, and priority-focused future.  

For me, what is on my mind today is how much my VOICE has been cut off from my MESSAGE.  In fact, this year has meant connecting with my message outright, digging deep to figure out what it is, and bring it to help others as boldly and starkly as possible.  Believe me, most of this year when I haven't been learning how to make bread, or thinking about new ways to educate my kids (though we've been homeschooling for years), I have been digging DEEP, not really thinking about where I lost my message, but working to reconnect me to it, so I can show up and help others.

I'm still working on it, for sure!  I remember a key date in 2018, about two years ago, when in response to using an essential oil blend called Clarity, I had a CRYSTAL CLEAR dream about my friend Erin.  Not joking.  That's how out of touch I have been with my OWN message!  It bothered me so much that over the past two years I have forced myself (in a good way) to rehook up my own settings so that I connect to my message and share it!  It's required so much work, and I've chosen to see this year as a golden opportunity to work on that.

You know I've been working on the OOLA Guys on living a truly OOLA life!  To me, that means helping others live their best life, improve in each core area, and streamline their priorities to ensure they succeed in every heartfelt dream they have in life.  It's a passion of mine to share what I've learned this year to help others live this OOLA life.

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Leave a COMMENT because I'm curious!  What has been the most significant thing you have learned this year?  What do you know needs to change?  


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