August 2022 - Core Defense Wellness Box!!!

A Core Defense Wellness Box is just what it sounds like!  

August 2022 Wellness Box Ideas - Candle Swap!

August 2022 Wellness Box Ideas - Candle Swap!
This CANDLE SWAP box is another great suggestion for your August wellness box!

August 2022 Suggestions - Seasonal Staples Wellness Box

Stocking up with a Seasonal Staples Box is a great idea for August. Check out more HERE!

Ideas for your August Wellness Box

Ideas for your August Wellness Box
Would it be helpful to have some affordable seasonal ideas for your next YL order? I’ve put together 8 Top Wellness Box Ideas for August & I’d love to share them with you! 

The first box I share is the GUT HEALTH box - grab it HERE!

NingXia Red really is THAT amazing!

NingXia Red really is THAT amazing!

‼️ NEW Ningxia Red clinical trials ‼️

This is amazing - YL just had a clinical study completed and the results are what Ningxia Red drinkers have known for a long time! It makes you feel BETTER ☺️ And if you haven’t been a NR drinker, now may be the time to start 🙌🏼
This study was:
✔️Conducted by a third party (not YL)
✔️Randomized and controlled
✔️Authorized by the Independent Ethics Review Board
👉 Participants consumed 2oz of Ningxia Red per day for 60 days. Results include:
❤️ clinically shown to significantly increase physical energy levels by 35%
❤️ clinically shown to improve sleep patterns and increase time asleep when used consecutively for 60 days
❤️ clinically shown to support healthy inflammation response
❤️ clinically shown to reduce daily stress by 23% and improve mental well being. (This effect was amplified in WOMEN participants)
❤️ clinically shown to promote healthy respiratory function
Where are my Ningxia Red drinkers?? Who’s going to try it for the first time??
Here is the link to the study:
You can share this information FAR and WIDE!!  

We all experienced this by using NingXia Red, but now we have the studies to back up our claims!!!

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