Low-cost wipe that cleans more thoroughly than most?

If you're looking for low-cost countertop wipes that are natural and don't contain harsh chemicals, I got the hookup for you!

From my friend, Kerry Mathes. I love all these recipes! 🙌🏻

☀️It only took me about 10 minutes to make 3 packs of Thieves wipes! It's what I use instead of a Lysol or Clorox bleach wipe. They clean, but with NONE of the harmful side-effects! I usually keep a container in the kitchen and then one in each of our bathrooms. They're fabulous for quickly wiping down surfaces. Wipe and toss!

PS - If you're like me and don't love the idea of a throwaway wipe, just fill the container with cheap washcloths. And then just toss them in your laundry when you do a load. It's that easy. I typically use baby washcloths; they're perfect for this job!

💛Here's how make them:

🔶I use 3 of the disposal round containers. ( You can find them in your grocery store in the food storage aisle, by the bags & foil ). She used regular coffee filters but you could use unbleached, for a reduced toxin load.

🔸Fill one container with warm water.
Add two capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner to the water and stir.

🔸Fill the two empty containers with coffee filters. If you wiggle/shuffle them around a bit, you can more easily separate them later.

🔸Pour 1/3 of the Thieves Cleaner water over each of the coffee filters.

🔸Add coffee filters to the last container, the one you mixed in. (You should have 1/3 of the water mixture left in it.)

🔸Snap on the lids. Turn upside down to saturate all the filters. If you have extra solution, add more filters if possible, or save the THHC solution in a jar for your next batch. Or you can add the extra solution to a spray bottle.

🔶Use whenever you need to clean quickly! I love these to give to my kids to wipe down surfaces, too. We use them on countertops, toilets ( do NOT flush these!) , stovetops, microwave, in your car...

The possibilities are endless!


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