Happy New Year 2020 🎊🎈🎆
Ringing in the New Year in PA with a little life-restoring (totally not even remotely alcoholic) beverage I have been drinking faithfully since 2013!  I can tell when I don't have it!  My body misses it!  ❤️ this drink.  Like, true love!  

Now that I'm back in the US and can replenish more quickly than when I was in Germany, I am treating myself to more, ESPECIALLY as I near 50!!! WHAAAATTTT

Yep. Friday I have that big birthday! 50 is the new 30! But I'm not having more kids. 😂

What's the jar and the roller for? Weeeellll, I am back to running, and have been crushing the hills out here! My hips and ankles are feeling it!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The 2020s are going to be EPIC!!!


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