I love watching everyone purge their stuff!  I've been doing this for a while and realizing I never really talk about it.

What's the purpose of purging?
To me, it creates space in my brain to think.  It allows me to let go of the past and look towards the future.  It forces me to regain some of myself I've kept bound up in things.  

It's important as you let go of things to fill that "space" with positive emotions, through prayer.  Jesus Himself said that as a house gets cleaned, the demons that used to officially l occupy that space will get their friends and come back to live, unless you fill it with something else.  Otherwise put, "nature abhors a vacuum."

For you who have been engaging in KonMari purging, what ideas or things are you going to fill your space with so you are in control and you allow in and out what comes your way?

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  1. Christie Spieker  01/23/2019 04:03 PM Central
    I have been watching all the excitement over this and I may dive in soon. Interested to hear what others say.

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