Gosh, I've had such a challenge sharing my thoughts online over the past six months.  Can you feel me?  You know what I mean?  People are griping about masks, challenging politics, yelling at people for complying or not complying, pick the issue. I am here today to just observe the craziness of this time and to comment on something completely different.  

I chose to show up here from a different vantage point than you might see shared otherwise.  I know we have all witnessed chaos and destruction on all levels over the past several months.  I have been working emphatically over the past 6 months especially, and for several years before that, to really learn how to take care of me so that I can show up for other people as I know I am called to do. I believe God has a really high standard for us who believe in Him and are called according to His purpose, so I know my primary objective is to constantly humble myself before God, acknowledge, confess, and repent of my own greed, malice, envy, jealousy, and strife so that God can be known.  As I take care of myself, I know I can show up more like this person I know God has called me to be.  

Humbling myself goes beyond the normal "daily devotion" and "confess and repent."  I worked on routine, environment, and balance to create a scenario where I can always show up as that BEST self.  

Over the weeks and months, I will discuss HOW you can do this more deeply, consistently, purely, and lovingly.

When all help feels like it breaks loose, where do you get your grounding?  What examples do you have to share?


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