So, I did a thing... #bucketlist
So, I did a thing earlier this month.

When I was in sixth grade, I joined Introduction to Orchestra and chose the cello 🎻.  I LOVED playing it, and because we tested weekly, I can use the word “often” - I was chosen often to be first chair.  I LOVED playing the cello.

I found it challenging to transport.

Because I was young and very impressionable, I listened to a classmate, who suggested it was hard to move around my cello on the bus.  I allowed myself to get self-conscious, and decided to ditch the cumbersome cello for the flute.

I went on to play flute in 7th and 8th grades, then traded in my tiny instrument for my invisible one, my voice. 🗣 I joined high school chorale and have been primarily singing since then.

But I LOVED playing the cello, and put it on my bucket list when Shana was born.

Fast forward to now, where the kids attend Worship Arts Studio, at Bethel Baptist Church in Yorktown.  And - guess what - they have a cello teacher.

So I’ve dusted off my muscle memory, discovered my fingers don’t move like they used to (yet), and have enjoyed experiencing this instrument and its rich, deep tones.  It’s week 3, but I’m playing notes and using both my hands.  We’re not on the bow, yet.  I’ve been enjoying experimenting how to touch the strings to play a tone full of vibrato.  How fun!

I’ll keep you updated.  And maybe I’ll even share a tune with you!


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