So many people are toying with the idea of homeschooling, and it is for various reasons!  I'm not getting into those reasons here; that is not my intent!  But the thing that stands out is that you may find yourself in a broad spectrum of how willing you are to be in this place.
I, for one, am so happy you are taking this step!  It may be a scary, unwelcome, traumatic, and jarring decision, but something in you knows that you need to take that next step, and you are not sure how to do it.  I applaud you for your conviction!  
Ten years ago, I found myself in exactly the same situation as you - scared, unsure, pressured, overwhelmed, apprehensive at the "thought of endless days" with my kids.  But what I found we were embarking on was a lifestyle and a lifetime of learning, exploration, adventure, excellence without obsession, and intelligence.  You know what else?  I also found freedom along the way, and confidence in my ability to lead my kids in a lifetime of learning.  I also found I learned more myself than I ever did in school.  It awakened in me a desire to live into my mom-hood, to see my kids as they are, to free myself to tree them to live into their God-given natures, and to learn for myself how they were created.
Lean into this opportunity.  If your children are younger than 15, or even if they're older than 15, there is much more freedom than you might think to teach what you want to teach, or lead your children in learning, as you want to.
Of course, your state has requirements you will need to abide by, and I will cover that in the next installment of this series. I will show you how to interpret your laws and set up your homeschool to meet the requirements.
As I close this blog post, I want you to can do this.  Set up a system, commit to loving your kids in this process, and remind yourself you got this.  We'll cover everything you need to know to get you ready for this.  
I'm holding your hand, and I'm confident God will shine His light on your path. That's the last thing to remember. God's got this! You have everything you need. I LOVE "The Living Bible" version of Psalm 23.  

EDITED TO ADD:  I thought I posted this!!!  Here goes.  I'm here to help!  What are you most excited or nervous about, related to homeschooling this next year?  Drop it in the comments! 


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