Healthy Habits to Beat Fear
We can live in fear or we can recognize that others are trying to scare us to perpetually live in fear.  We DON'T have to live that way.  Sometimes it may not feel like it, but we do CONTROL our perceptions of our life.  Yes, bad things happen to all of us, but its those that choose to do something about it that no longer live in that lower frequency that are happier, healthier and able to handle challenges "with ease and grace".

Here is some GREAT information from a collaboration with my awesome friend Tara on how to start changing your mindset for a happier, healthier, more abundant life.

Harness the power of a positive mindset!

What may seem like small daily choices can lead to a big impact on your well-being. Start your shift by picking one or two of these habits to implement into your daily routine. 

Brain Dump:  Try-

Are you an over-thinker? Is your mind always racing with thoughts, ideas, or stressors? Brain dumping is a practical way to handle your mental clutter. Grab a notebook and pen and write down the things that are on your mind. Tip: diffuse an oil with a grounding aroma like Valor or Sacred Mountain while you jot everything down. If you’re feeling up for it, organize your thoughts and determine what you want to focus on.  

- Time Block your Day: Try- 

Manage your time effectively by dividing your day into blocks. As you set time aside for your tasks (with your bandwidth in mind), you’ll find that you are more productive. This opens the door to feeling positive about all that you can achieve!  

- Review Goal: Try-

Goal setting is a must for growth. Reviewing your goals regularly is also key for positive changes. Set a cadence assessing your progress and make adjustments as needed. Enhance your experience by adding a drop of Envision essential oil to the palms of your hands and cupping them over your nose and mouth. Take a few deep breaths.  

- Say Positive Affirmations: Try- 

Your mind is powerful. Stating positive affirmations can help you reprogram your brain and invite feelings of self-belief. Find a declarative statement that resonates with you e.g. "I am becoming more confident each day." Don’t forget to grab your favorite essential oil before you begin stating your affirmations!  

- List three things you’re grateful for:  Try - Gratitude

A positive mindset starts with a foundation of gratitude. Incorporate this simply by engaging every morning in writing down three DIFFERENT and unique things you are grateful for.  Be specific!

Some studies have even found that keeping a gratitude journal can lower stress levels while inviting calmness. Keep it simple! Write down three things you’re grateful for daily. Add a few drops of Gratitude essential oil to your diffuser to enjoy an uplifting aroma as you do this.

Which habit and oils do you implement now or would like to try?! I abide by them ALL! I just finished doing these for this morning and week! 


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