"...For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks..."
Working on my mentality right now is strenuous!  How many of you have found that you are in the same position?  How many of you recognize that you really have an opportunity to think right and thus change your life?

For me, the nights are the most challenging.  I know the battle is in my head.  The past several mornings I confessed to God how sorry I am for rehearsing the old tapes in my head.  I repent of that past behavior and welcome new thoughts and activity.  I have a young body.  I can walk and run, and I have a strong demeanor.  I have life in my bones, and I am vibrant and youthful.   Life and death are in the power of the tongue.  I choose LIFE.

For the longest time, I would recognize I needed to change my thoughts, and I learned a lot over time what I could do to stop the seemingly endless and looping tapes in my head.  I found first many years ago this oil REALLY stopped that looping at first.  I finally found myself being able to get deep sleep. rather than shallow, interrupted sleep.  

What I've started to do lately that has helped tremendously has been rehearsing my day before I go to sleep, thanking God for the good, and reflecting on the not so good.  What could I find good in the things that happened TO me that I wasn't happy about?  What could I personally have done better that is my responsibility?

Then I thank God for all of it, once I take responsibility for my part in anything I could have done differently that day, and I ask Him for forgiveness and mercy, I gratefully accept it, I oil up, and then I speak LIFE over myself before I go to sleep.

You know what's COOL?  I have awoken lately with a spring in my step, less fear, more faith and anticipation, and more joy.  And it's easier to speak life as I speak life.

Leave a comment below if you experience this and what you can't wait to incorporate into your daily practice!


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