Starting my Biblical Naturopathic Sciences PhD!!!
My friend Shellie posted one day last month that she was beginning a PhD in Biblical Naturopathic Sciences!  I was SO intrigued I inquired more about it, and realized that much of what I do with friends with health and natural wellness is so similar to what I’d be doing for others with a degree like that.  It’d be more education, and validation.  I looked into it and saw so many classes I’d be excited to take.  So I signed up HERE and have already taken my “Naturopathic Jurisprudence” class.  It was great, and aligned with my beliefs and my understanding of the truths our country was founded on.  

Why am I doing this?  
Why not?  I find it so interesting and along the lines of what I still do for Young Living. It just gives me more info to help people.  The chance to engage in this ministry of biblical naturopathic sciences will provide such as a blessing.

I'm going to take this Naturopathic Jurisprudence exam, and then I believe I'll start with the initial class.  This class was actually almost the last class of the program.  But Kevin wanted to know how all this would go down and be used.  

Here's to acing my jurisprudence exam!  I've been living what they've been talking about for 7 years!  So EXCITED to move forward in freedom and truth and bring the doctrine of God's truth about healing to others!!!

Make sure not to miss a single installment of my journey HERE, also so you can find out how I'm serving in this ministry, over time!

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  1. How are your courses going?

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