Ideas for your August Wellness Box
Would it be helpful to have some affordable seasonal ideas for your next YL order? I’ve put together 8 Top Wellness Box Ideas for August & I’d love to share them with you! 

I'll share several over the next two weeks so you can prepare your August Loyalty Rewards order.  And if you're not familiar with Loyalty Rewards as the BEST way to get your products, read more HERE.

The first box I have to show you focuses on Gut Health. Supporting our Gut with a quality probiotic is critical for our health. Life 9 by YL is so affordable and effective. Take one at night before bed & enjoy great immune support, better digestion, and give support to that all-important gut-brain relationship.✨ Stress Away is an amazing oil for diffusing during sleep, alongside using Life 9 before bed. It’s also great for settling nervous stomachs that get tied in knots from daily stress and anxiety.

Grab the Gut Health box HERE!


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