PHEW!  Social media is a tinder box!  Lately I’ve witnessed an onslaught of anger.  Have you seen it?  I was literally just typing on a Facebook post with a FRIEND, with whom I share a lot of ideals, and I felt my blood pressure go up! Seriously??? Am I the only one?  

It’s originated from anyone on any side of the political spectrum, toward anyone else on any other side (OR the SAME, as I had happen to me) of the political spectrum. Listen, I think we have a MASSIVE opportunity to heal from this.  We have got to understand these are incredibly stressful times, and we are dealing with a ton of emotions!  We have to recognize that as we talk to others.

What do I do when emotions are high?  Here's what I do to make it easier to interact with people, since shying away and not talking to people is NOT a solution.  People need to interact with us.  People need us to interact with them.
  1. I focus on what is ABOVE.  I think of things of God.  I leave vengeance to Him, and focus on love.
  2. I stick with issues and back them up with facts. 
  3. I do not get discouraged.
  4. I take care of myself.  I can fight the good fight if I have worked to protect my heart, and focus on things of above. I know these oils help me tremendously.  Get your box of oils and free diffuser here.
  5. I seek first to understand, WITHOUT conceding any position.  Your position is part of who you are.  You can seek to understand someone without capitulating to their views.
  6. I pray early and often.  I pray often that as God came to the world to save sinners, I am the chiefest of sinners. I remember then what my place is.
  7. I reconcile if there is stress created by an interaction.  Hopefully if I have done the other things, I will not need to reconcile, but because I am human, I may have to.
  8. I dig DEEPLY for info.  I don't believe right now it's easy to get the actual facts on any situation, and I've learned to dig to get the truth.
I’ve seen it said that there are only a few basal emotions, love, joy, anger, sadness, and fear, from which every other expression comes. Think about the last time you had a negative feeling.  Share with us in the comments! What experience or underlying emotion do you think that negative feeling is revealing?


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