My new HOT word, and how to redeem it
“Unprecedented” – anyone else now hate that term?

Somewhere over the past year, the insides blew out of our society, and dare I say, the larger world.  Having lived in Germany, I can definitely say they are feeling that blowout too.  I digress; I am focusing my thoughts here on America and what in the WORLD is happening here.

I actually think it had been years since I heard the word, “unprecedented.” I would really LOVE to keep it that way, but nothing about what is going on right now is normal, nor is it anything any of our ancestors experienced.  

But really, EVERYTHING is different.  The way we interact with people has changed.  The way we talk to people has changed.  The way we greet people has changed.  And it goes out from there.  The way I shop has changed.  The options for my kids’ homeschool has changed.  And need I go on?  We ALL know this has changed EVERY area for our lives.  How often we go out to eat, what gets us out, when we do our errands, how we do church.  (in some cases)

Many of us have fought for TRUTH and for freedom.   Many of us have spent a lot of the last year really looking into our world, how we got to where we are, and how it is supposed to operate.  We have been endeavoring to live fully into the lives God has given us. Jesus Christ Himself says Himself in John 10:10 that He gives us life and more abundantly! He called us to live NOW.  He didn’t call us to have to change so that we can avoid life.  It’s insane what we are being called to live into.

Unprecedented.  How do we respond right now?  We are charting new paths.  What do we want life to look like?  What do we want our world to look like?  Do all the oversight and draconian measures being inflicted on us to be the way we operate?   Is that OK with us?  We choose.

I’ve been listening to several podcasters who have actually been calling us to create and craft the lives we want to lead.  If Christ has given us the ability to live abundantly, we should be able to do it, no matter the circumstances.  What does that look like?  How can we turn this narrative of “unprecedented” into a GOOD thing?   What’s our most ideal life?  Who do we need to live without?  What must we separate from?  Where does fear govern us (so we can address and remove that block)?   Just thoughts going through my head…I think these crucial questions are so important going forward to allow us to live the most abundant life God Himself has as His intention for us.

Let's keep talking about this.  I really think we have a GOLDEN chance to craft a fantastic life.  Yes.  Even in the midst of stark changes, and a world we don't understand.  If we weren't in control, we'd have to LIVE WITH it.  But with our sovereignty, and our faith, we have answers rather than questions.  We are the head, rather than the tail.

I encourage you today to quiet your fears, to for a single moment, look PAST your needs, and dream.  Love. Envision.  See what you would REALLY like life to be like.  Erase EVERY vestige of structures, institutions, regulations, expectation.  Just as a note, I did say "regulation."  Economics would say that excessive regulation raises cost and inhibits innovation.  Let's take away those barriers.  Don't let "releasing regulation" scare you.  Suspend your judgment and dream.  Set the timer for 20 minutes and take that time to craft your life.  If you are an oiler, check your shelf and grab THIS OIL, THIS OIL or THIS OIL, to help you open the possibilities.  If you don't have any Young Living oils, click the links and grab yours!  Here's why ONLY pure oils from YL work!


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