Just breathe...
Goodness sakes, so many things are happening these days!  At this point in time, we are in the midst of not just national turmoil, but worldwide turmoil.  In a time with so much insanity and craziness, it is really important to stay grounded and find a way to celebrate and nurture the most important things of life. 

For you, that could be breaking bread with family.  It could be spending time singing a worship song.  It could mean resting and taking care of oneself.  It could include calling a friend.  It could even mean baking cookies for a new neighbor.  It could mean waving at people as you drive down the street.  :)  Maybe you like the ocean, or standing in a small wooded area getting grounded.

With so much happening, and feeling like the past is painful, the present is turbulent, and the future is uncertain, we might feel frozen or stuck.  It's super important to stop and take a deep breath and try to figure out how you are feeling.  Deep breaths are super important.  In fact, let me say that if you have not tried the Wim Hof Breathing Method, try it.  Many people in the comments of this video have shared how it has helped them.  I know for me it has definitely eased my own response to stress!  Breathing is one way to expel toxins from the body and is SUPER beneficial.  

I do it one of the first things after I wake up, after my devotional prayers, and I also do it late in the day if I can tell I'm not breathing deeply. Respiration is super cleansing!  It's really good for the body and mind.

Try it for a week and see how it helps you.  I am doing it right alongside you.  I find that focusing on my breathing pattern is really good for mental clarity and in reteaching me how to focus.  

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