How and Why to REST

I took a sabbatical this year from posting on Instagram (1) to gain clarity on my own message, (2) to heal from wounds of comparison, (3) to REST.  

Probably the biggest thing I did this year was REST!  I didn’t realize I was SO TIRED from a life of striving, pushing, strategizing in my business and life. 

I’m a hustler because I don’t know any other way!  But I’m a contemplative, too!  Figure that one out! 🤣

Well, welcome to this year.

How do I show up as me, and how do I do it day after day after day? I mean, I’ll be 51 in two weeks, and it needs to be sustainable 😅 I have 51 years more of helping people but I can’t do it at the same pace I’ve pushed myself the first 51 years! 😆

Enter CLARITY.  I’ve taken care of myself this year.  I’ve gotten to know myself this year.  I’ve honored my body, mind, soul, and spirit.  And I’ve found so many more things to be grateful for as I move into the next 51 years.  Sunrises. Trees. The contrast between green grass and blue sky (which I saw as late as last week).  Grandmas hugging their grandbabies.  Wild laughter over 80s music. It’s not limited; it’s all over the place.  

God spoke a word to me already for 2021 - it’s EXPANSION. This past year it was ABUNDANCE.  Hard as this year was, “abundant” definitely describes it.

I’m challenging myself to show up like this consistently, in 2021.  I’m having patience with myself, because I’ve said this before.  

I want to share with you what I see.  Here I see a beautiful crisp December morning and a sky brimming with love and EXPANSION.  


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