Think for YOURSELF!!!!
Oh, friends, I'm ticked off.  
I get that we are all supposed to have our own opinions, but did you know that's actually not true?
There's a prevailing opinion out there, a narrative, if you will, that gets pushed, propped up, and propagated by "mainstream" anything.  It could be media, entertainment, sports, shows, news, what pops up on your phone when you open it in the morning.  
Did you know that "Operation Mockingbird" was created in the 1950s as a CIA operation to control the prevailing opinion, to craft a narrative?  Look it up.  You may think I'm a conspiracy the=rist, but if you look for the actual documents on the matter, you'll be able to read for yourself.
And if you can't find the documents online and I did, ask yourself why you can't find them.  Why not?  What happened that the info is not available to you?
Did you know that in 2012 Obama authorized federal funds to be used to "prepare, disseminate, and about the United States through press...and social media" through the modernization of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948?  Why in 2012 would federal funds all of a suddent have to be allocated to information propagation about the US, when this act had been in effect just fine, for all intents and purposes, since 1948?  Then the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 further demonstrates that federal funding was set aside in the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act to propagate "public diplomacy information programs."  You can see that at the last link below (HR4310) at section 1078a, where you will see references to 501(a) and 501(b). 

I compared words and determined what was added in this revision, House Bill 5736
Then check out the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013, HR 4310, in 1078a.

In both these acts we see that federal funding was added to propagate positive info of the US "outside the US." However, we ALL know that what gets propagated outside the US in our day and age has a high likelihood of landing on ears inside the US. 
I am posting to spur you to think for yourself, as I have been doing.
I will write a separate post about our society's penchant to call free-thinkers names.  It's definitely happened to me, has it happened to you?  Why?  All I can tell is I don't ascribe to the narrative.
The narrative it appears public funds were allocated to curate.  
I'm tired of being told what to think.  Aren't you?
I'm tired of being told to sit down and shut up.  Did you know that's what the term "conspiracy the-rist" was coined to do?  To get us to comply.
I'm tired of being told that I'm wrong or I'm making it up or overreacting.
What happened to thinking for myself?  
What happened to wondering what the truth is?
What happened to questioning things?
Aren't we supposed to have a Constitution which allows for a government that is OF, BY, and FOR the people?  Did you know I read something earlier this week that made it sound like somewhere along the way the citizens of this great country were made its enemies??  WHAT???  I'm looking into it more.  
Wonder why it's getting harder and harder to exercise those freedoms we keep getting told we have?  What's that all about?
I'm not telling you how to think, but I hope something I'm sharing will cause you to look.  Don't ask or challenge me if you don't like it.  Go research for yourself.  I personally still believe somehow somewhere we're supposed to have an ounce of a chance to still maintain the freedoms we all learned in school we supposedly had.  
Go look into it yourself.  Use your brain!!!  That's where FREEDOM starts.  If you want ideas on where to start, please comment.  If you want to challenge me, you have missed the point of this post.  My point is to get all of us to start wondering things.  My goal is to get us to start asking questions.


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