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Meet Heidi M Hovan

I used to suffer from 6-8 anxious episodes a week, accompanied by a paralyzing fear of others; this double whammy meant it was super hard to pull myself together. 

I habitually pulled out every coping mechanism I knew about, but after dozens of years getting plagued with this, I also grew increasingly saddened by my inability to stop these situations, or pull myself out, once they started.

One day a friend invited me to learn more about a product. I had heard good things about it, and despite my own skepticism, I decided to try it out.

Thank God I did. My life is different now! I used to have to run home and nurse my wounds for hours, or spend hours I should have been unwinding or hanging out with my husband and kids, trying instead to pull myself. Again, often these were deadends, and I felt hopeless.

Now, I am optimistic, and I am on a mission to help a whole lot of people break free and empower themselves to gain the knowledge and resources I've worked so hard to obtain for myself.

Come join our group of happy and connected mamas and learn how to embody strength and joy in our exclusive community.

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