Make 2021 The Best Ever - And I Mean It!!!!

Make 2021 The Best Ever - And I Mean It!!!!
By the time my posts during this month are through, you’ll have a wish list of things that will transform how you live—and even who you are as a person.

How in the heck do we handle stress right now???

How in the heck do we handle stress right now???
You know what's interesting?  For as much as I often am in touch with and led by my emotions, it's really weird how I often feel very uncomfortable showing emotion.  Lately the tears come a lot faster and a lot closer in between, and it's been interesting navigating what to do with them.  

We're in hard times right now.  I wonder if there's a single person out there with a soul who doesn't know what I mean. These are hard times, and we're having to figure out how to make sense of these intensely confusing times.  Everything seems to be thrown upside down, and we don't know how to feel.  It's so painful to go throughout the day navigating our thoughts.
To make matters much worse, once we get straightened out, something else happens and we get all tilted again.  It's a repeated trauma.  The repeated aggravation means it's easier to get to that painful spot the next time, which also means it's harder to get out of it.  

Whaaaattttt to doooooooo?  This is a really potentially damaging place for our society to be right now.  However, you can do some things to help. I do ALL these things and I feel like I reduce 90% of the external stress just through that!
1.  TURN OFF THE NEWS.  If you must know what is going on, send me a message.  I want to know more about you and have a real conversation about what kind of news you are looking for.  
2.  Use calming coping tools.  We use these oils in particular, and this kit has several bottles of oils and a diffuser.  I tell you how to use them.  We have used these oils for almost 8 years and I sleep WAY differently than I did before I got this kit!  Getting a fantastic night's sleep really helps us handle stress better.  
3.  Eat healthy foods.  We make sure to eat lots of colorful vegetables and dark fruits.  The greens have chlorophyll, which nourishes the brain, and the berries and darker fruits are high in antioxidants.  We need those healthy foods to support our cognitive function.  I have fantastic products I use for that.  i take one sleeve a day of this and it helps me so much!
It is SO critical to maintain the perspective too that we can only solve so much.  What can you handle?  What is in your control?  What is looming over you?  What suggestions do you have for others on how to handle the situations of the day during this intensely stressful time?

Pain! What about emotional pain?

Think about it.  Breathe deeply in.  I know it hurts, but stay with me.  

Where is your pain originating, as an exact location in your body? 

Feeling all the emotions today???

We have got to understand these are incredibly stressful times, and we are dealing with a ton of emotions!  We have to recognize that as we talk to others.

What do I do when emotions are high? 

I want to know, have you ever felt the pain???

I talked on Tuesday about FEELING emotional pain in a physical way.  That could be a super duper disconcerting thought if you're not aware that the two can be interrelated, or it can be incredibly affirming.  I know how to handle emotional pain, which means I have a shot at alleviating physical pain as a result.  But no promises, I can't diagnose, prescribe, treat, recommend, or advise.  So I just share these posts for entertainment (and hopefully educational) purposes.

When you feel pain, even if it's emotional, you can stop and identify the location of the pain if you are able to stop at all. Think of the basic emotions, which are anger, fear, sadness, and joy.  My daughter Shana breaks these down into two more basic categories - contentment, and distress.  Either way you slice it, do your best to identify which one you feel.  It's often easier under distress to identify if an emotion is simply positive or negative.

Identify that emotion to the best of your ability.  Then seek to isolate where you feel it.  What physical symptoms are you experiencing?  Sometimes those aren't simply limited to pain.

Now I will share with you what I do when I am feeling this way, if I can't utilize one of the coping mechanisms I listed on Monday in this post.  I drip a drop of each Stress Away, Frankincense, and Lavender essential oil in the palm of my left hand and massage my palms together.  I breathe in until I feel myself leaving the place of angst or distress.  You can also grab these 3 oils already boxed, and 8 or 9 others, plus a diffuser, here

Stress Away, Frankincense, and Lavender, one drop each, is my reset mixture!  I have friends who say they pre-blend these oils to put them into a small amber bottle so the oils are ready when their emotions take off.  What does that do?  Try it and see!  If you did, leave a comment below what you experienced!  If you need to have your oils on hand, click here to get yours.
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