CONVENTION 2022 - Plant Powered Nutrition Duo

CONVENTION 2022 - Plant Powered Nutrition Duo

It’s BACK and better than ever! 
Power Meal is our VEGAN meal replacement with 20g protein from peas, flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, 17 vitamins & minerals, 11 fruits & veggies, MCT oils, a targeted enzyme blend of amylase and protease to support healthy digestion, ZERO added sugar, with a vanilla flavor! 

A nutrient-dense vegan meal replacement shake and go-to for those busy go-getters, Power Meal™ contains 20 grams of plant-based protein to keep you powering through the day. Rich in amino acids with zero added sugar, two scoops deliver 11 fruits and vegetables to fuel busy bees with a juicy dash of Orange essential oil and a light vanilla flavor. With no soy or preservatives, Power Meal lets you sip on the go without compromising your clean-living lifestyle.

Meet our mushroom, fruit, and vegetable powder, NingXia Greens: a one-scoop solution to health and wellness.

Reasons 11 - 15 you need NingXia Red daily!

Reasons 11 - 15 you need NingXia Red daily!

Top 15 reasons why Ningxia Red is so phenomenal! Here we go:

11. It shows anti-fungal anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties due to an amino acid called solavetivone.

12. The NingXia wolfberry contains beta-sitosterol, a natural anti-inflammatory, thus reducing pain. 

13. It has amino acids like L-arginine, which is necessary for maintaining, building and repairing our cells. 

14. NR has a high acid-binding ability; it flushes out the acid that causes inflammation and stress. Getting rid of the acid slows down aging, illness, and disease. 

15. Studies show that eating these wolfberries will decrease the amount of oxidation to cholesterol (fat) which leads to a process that creates plaque in the arteries. Oxidized cholesterol creates “sticky foam cells” that build up on artery walls.

Information sources:
The NingXia Wolfberry: A Powerful Natural Ally against Disease and Aging by Dr. Hugo Rodier, MD. and Discovery of the Ultimate Superfood by Gary Young, ND, Ronald Lawrence, MD, and Marc Schreuder.
This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to treat or cure any disease. NINGXIA RED

WOW, right?!? Ningxia Red is a powerhouse supplement! Ready to grab some if you aren't utilizing this amazing resource? Click the picture below and grab some. Hit reply if you have any questions!

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Reasons 1 - 5 why You NEED NingXia Red in your life!

Reasons 1 - 5 why You NEED NingXia Red in your life!

Yay!!!! I am pumped to share with you these top 15 reasons why Ningxia Red is the BOMB! Be on the lookout for two more emails dropping the crazy goodness of WHY Ningxia Red is AMAZING!

1. The NingXia wolfberry provides ample antioxidants to strengthen the immune system.

2. Antioxidants in NR help fight free radical attacks that occur thousands of times a day in each cell of the human body.

3. It has the highest S-ORAC rating for fighting the most abundant free radical that causes damage to our cells—the Super Oxide free radical.

4. Eating NingXia wolfberries enhances Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD). SODs scavenge free radicals that damage the DNA of cells. This scavenging ultimately increases our ability to live longer and healthier.

5. It strengthens the brain neurotransmitters against free radical activity, possibly slowing age-related memory loss.

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🤔🤔Why Choose Young Living?🤔🤔

🤔🤔Why Choose Young Living?🤔🤔
I get asked ALL the time...why is Young Living so great!?

Really, what it boils down to, is the potential for your family to experience God in a physical form.  
Genesis 1:29 says that God made the leaves of the trees for food.  
Gary Young captured that and put it into bottles for us to experience.

Read on for more info!!!

Starting my Biblical Naturopathic Sciences PhD!!!

Starting my Biblical Naturopathic Sciences PhD!!!
Why am I doing this?  
Why not? I find it so interesting and along the lines of what I still do for Young Living. It just gives me more info to help people. The chance to engage in this ministry of biblical naturopathic sciences will provide such as a blessing.
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